How many times can I receive legal advice from Christian Legal Aid?

We can only advise clients once for the same case or controversy. However, you are welcome to return to the clinic if you have a new legal matter. You may also return if there is a new development in your case, such as filing an appeal or answering a complaint.

Will the lawyers at Christian Legal Aid represent me in court?

Unfortunately, our services are limited to a one-time forty-five minute consultation, which means our lawyers will not be representing you in court. If one of our attorneys choose to take on your case pro bono, they are doing so in their own capacity, not in affiliation with Christian Legal Aid.

I missed my appointment with the attorney. Is it possible to get a new appointment?

Yes! If you come to the clinic and let us know you missed your appointment, we can schedule you a new appointment for the following week.

How early should I get to the clinic for my appointment?

As a general rule, you should arrive ten to fifteen minutes early. Sometimes, our attorneys run ahead of schedule, and we can call you up for your appointment before your scheduled appointment time.

Should I bring any documents to my intake or appointment?

If you have any documents that are relevant to your case, please feel free to bring the documents to your intake or appointment. Such documents help the attorneys to better understand the context of your legal matter.